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Asker Anonymous Asks:
okay seriously i read through all your stories the past week! they are really hot and you sound like a good fuck, an inspiration to us all haha. I was wondering though how I can read the stories from the beginning of the diary, i can only read the ones starting on page 2 of the diary
letmesitonit letmesitonit Said:

Cool! The beginning was on another site that has expired. Been thinking about collecting it all on an ebook or something, but been too lazy. Haha.

WOW you are amazing!! Reading your diary gives me a nonstop boners.
letmesitonit letmesitonit Said:

Sweet! Hope some great wanks, too.

Asker twinkienyc Asks:
just discovered your tumblr.. seen you on twitter.. and tried to check you website, which ive come to see is no longer. From what I seen you have some awesome experiences.. dont know how you pass out access to your pvt diary.. but Id love a read sometime :)
letmesitonit letmesitonit Said:

Cool! I’m just sharing it with non-anon who were regular readers of the public one. I’ll send it to ya.

Asker sarabeth4 Asks:
Hey, I really miss your blog, your excellent writing, and your sweet sluttiness. I hope you are okay and will be back someday soon.
letmesitonit letmesitonit Said:

Doing awesomely, and thanks for asking. Hit me up if you want access to the private diary I’ve been keeping. :-)

Where'd you go?
letmesitonit letmesitonit Said:

Wow, I’ve not checked this account’s messages in a while. You guys are inspiring me to bring it back.

Asker mr-mercutio Asks:
I discovered your blog only just recently and read through all your sex diaries (the ones kept on the Tumblr blog itself and not your defunct website) over the last week. Just wanted to thank you; everything was incredibly hot and entertaining. If you ever start blogging again, please let me know. :D
letmesitonit letmesitonit Said:

Awe, thanks! Hope you had lots of good wanks to it. I’ve not had the stamina to keep a public blog this year, so it’s just been a private diary thus far.

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